What’s new about Kindle DX?    Kindle DX rotate

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Now, you can read over 1000 of your favorite blogs, ebooks, Newspapers, Magazines and graphic-driven content without straining your eyes. Fantastic, isn’t it?

As I write this, Amazon has unveiled the most cherished Kindle.

This time, it’s called the Kindle DX e-reader. Online consumers can rest assured that this kindle version is unique, light, has a longer battery life, with a large display screen.

As Amazon unveils Kindle DX E-reader for consumers all over the world, the hassle that once existed when it comes to reading on PC screen is eliminated.

Who would have believed that in no time, anyone can read with so much ease and enthusiasm?

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My personal confession

Naturally, I prefer to talk and gossip with friends instead of reading. When I was in High School, if I tell you I was a good student, that’s a BIG FAT lie.

But fortunately for me, I was able to pass my exams. It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I first heard of Kindle. A friend actually introduced me to the store, which happens to be the reckoned Amazon.

One thing that I love about Amazon Kindle is the ease of reading. If you’re one of those people who don’t enjoy reading on PC or flipping through the pages of a book, then, by all means get the Kindle device and watch how your reading life can improve. Oh yes, I’m so certain about that.

And if you’re a good reader, this is the best moment you’ve been waiting for. Now that Kindle DX has been unveiled and released to the market, the price may seem above your budget.

The last time I checked, it was $370.00 at Amazon. But it comes with a Free Super Shipping if you buy today.

What Kindle DX means

Have you ever wondered what you stand to benefit from getting the Kindle DX electronic reader? Well, the first feature I like so much is your ability to read in sunlight without glare. You know what I’m talking about and most likely, you’ve been looking for the best solution to this.

Come to think of it, when you’re on a vacation with friends or family, you can’t stop the sun from shinning. It’s nature’s gift to humanity.

The last time I went to the beach, the rays of the sun was shining on my bald head. But I wasn’t worried about it. Why? I could still read on my Kindle DX wireless device. This seems like a plus for all those who don’t like limitations.

I believe that when you buy a device, you ought to enjoy it, no matter the weather or climate conditions. If the glare from the sun could stop you, what’s the essence of spending so much money on a reading device?

Forget about it, go for a cheap kindle

I’ve received so many advices from people, especially my family. When I told them my plans to spend about $380 for Kindle DX, my siblings jumped on me.

They convinced me to go for a cheap kindle. Little did they realize that people always get what they pay for – of course, the first kindle isn’t that expensive?

With $97, you can afford that. But the display screen isn’t as bright as the Kindle DX. In fact, the first wireless reading device from Amazon is way too heavy for my liking. I prefer a device that’s portable and flexible.

The Kindle DX also comes with a free 3G wireless feature. Wow, that means you can download any book, app or whatever magazine you care about, without monthly payment or charges. From anywhere in the world, you’ve the world at your finger tips.

Share lovely moments

Do you’ve lovely friends? How would you feel if you can share your favorite book passages with friends all around the world?

The first time I shared an ebook, which I downloaded with the free 3G wireless feature; my two friends in Connecticut, United States almost worshiped me.

And from your kindle DX screen, you can easily post and syndicate quotes, passages and poetry works to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Your followers and fans can access the information and leave a comment.

This feature is especially good for Valentine periods where you can gaze into the eyes of your girlfriend or boyfriend and say nice things. Yes, baby, I care about you.

The books are damn cheap

Kindle DX books are cheap. Once you purchase the device, you can download over 1.8Million books for free. And if you want the paid books, with $9.99, you can own an interesting Kindle book in the likes of novels, adventure books and all those sequel collections of poems and fictions.

Have your read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island? Well, it’s available on Kindle DX store. A must read by the way!

What’s your choice?

Have you made up your mind to finally own a Kindle DX wireless ebook reader? Did I tell you that it weighs 18.9 ounces?

The battery life can stay up to 3 weeks, provided the wireless feature is turned off. Put “on” the 3G wireless when you want to use it.

Now that Amazon has unveiled Kindle DX ereader, make every effort to get it, so you can enjoy the free super shipping worth over $97. Click Here To See Pricing, Reviews and Discounts at Amazon Store Right Now!